Organisations – PsyCoaching

PsyCoaching is designed to give the executive:

  • Insight into the underlying structure of some of their less-effective behaviours, decision making patterns, and thinking strategies
  • Understanding why these behaviours & thoughts arise and how to prevent them
  • Ability to regulate unhelpful anxiety
  • Tools for accessing more sustainable and productive underlying thoughts, feelings and behaviours

PsyCoaching® is a service for Organisations that want to support an executive at a deeper level of professional or career development.

PsyCoaching applies the technology of depth psychology to performance within the business environment. It is designed for valued-executives where both the organisation and the individual recognise that the current developmental challenge is subtler than simply improving specific competencies or skills. It combines depth psychology with the coaching tools of performance focus, organisational dynamics and practical techniques.

PsyCoaching is delivered as programme (of an agreed number of sessions) funded by the organisation. This may be a stand alone programme, or – in some cases and where appropriate – it may be a bridge to further ongoing work privately with the individual.