Individuals – Executive Psychotherapy

Some typical symptoms might include:

  • Feeling disproportionate stress and pressure
  • Lack of confidence or feeling insecure
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Anger/aggression
  • Procrastination, indecision
  • Perfectionism
  • Feeling like a “fraud” or an “impostor”
  • Depression
  • Getting into difficulties with work colleagues
  • Self medication with alcohol, drugs and food etc

Executive Psychotherapy is a service for individuals. It is appropriate for you if:

  • You are concerned about aspects of your role, your work performance, work relationships, confidence, career progression or direction – and you have a sense that what you needed is different from “skills building”. Or
  • Concerns at work have become a catalyst for thinking there may be some underlying repetitive or personal issues that you want to address. Or
  • Personal difficulties in your private life are having a negative impact on your work. Or
  • Perhaps you have had some performance/executive coaching which has helped you realise there is a layer of more “therapeutic” work that you now feel ready to deal with.

This work is psychotherapeutic, particularly utilising up-to-date focused forms of therapy. Where appropriate it is combined with an understanding of, and an application to, your business/professional world. We will carefully examine the causes and structure of what is going on; and work to resolve the underlying difficulties. Executive Psychotherapy is entirely confidential – which means we can be completely candid and work through your concerns without your employer’s knowledge or involvement.

Outcomes: The process is designed to give you a psychological toolkit to deal with your less productive behaviours and thoughts; to manage your own anxieties; and help you process underlying feelings and thoughts. Executive Psychotherapy will help you feel better about yourself, improve the quality of your relationships and free you up to deal more effectively with the external circumstances you are facing.