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Sue Johnson – Author: Hold Me Tight

Tavistock Relationships

International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy

If you’ve arrived here you’re probably looking for relationship help: perhaps with a partner; or maybe by yourself.

Please take a look around. You’re likely to have all sorts of questions: What will therapy be like? Location? Timing? Cost? Male or female therapist? And, behind some of these important practical questions are perhaps, most fundamentally, other very important concerns: Can you really get help? And, how can you tell if you are putting yourself – and your relationship – into a safe pair of hands?

The practical questions are addressed on this site – or you’re welcome to email me. But in terms of the more fundamental questions – the first answer is “Yes”: Relationship Therapy can and does help. If you are both willing, Relationship Therapy can help you reconnect perhaps more deeply than you have ever have been able to before. The journey may well be bumpy: but Relationship Therapy can help you get there. Or, of course, some couples come to Therapy to help them separate – and, if that’s the case, Relationship Therapy can help you do that with more understanding and less acrimony.

The best way to answer the question about “safe hands” would probably be for us to have an initial meeting, where you would get an actual sense of what it would be like for us to work together (rather than just words on a website). But I’ll say a few things here, to give you a flavour.

I’m a well-qualified and accredited relationship specialist. I’ve been licensed by Relate and I’m also qualified with the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (TCCR) and certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (with ICEEFT). These are well-established and respected specialist organisations. So my training is broad and deep. In fact, so far as I know, I’m the only Relationship Therapist in the UK with this set of multi qualifications/licensing. My style in therapy will give you space to talk and think; whilst, at the same time, I will very much engage with you – and challenge you, where necessary – to help us understand what’s going on and to change things.

You’ll see from this site that, as well as specialising in relationship therapy, I also do specialist work with business people. Some couples find this reassuring: because they know that I will also understand the context and demands of their working lives, which can so often impinge on their relationships.

I’m based in Marylebone, close to Baker Street tube and have both daytime and evening slots. Do please have a look around, and please make contact if you would like to explore things further. Also, even if you think that I might not be suitable but you still want relationship help, I am happy to assist you with a referral to other suitable colleagues. So please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Best wishes