Individual Relationship Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Sue Johnson – Author: Hold Me Tight

You might be in a relationship but want to come and discuss something that is troubling you, privately without your partner. Or maybe you are considering ending your relationship and want to talk it through. Or perhaps you find yourself attracted to someone else and don’t know what to do about it.
Or you might be single and feeling unhappy and isolated. Maybe you want a relationship … but it just doesn’t seem to work out. Perhaps, at the same time as wanting a relationship, you are also frightened of the prospect of being in one. Or maybe you’ve “given up” the idea of ever finding anyone.
Perhaps your relationship has recently ended and you are feeling the pain of the loss or bewilderment about what happened. Maybe your confidence and self esteem have been shaken. You might still be trying to disentangle yourself. Or maybe you’ve ended something but you’re wondering if you’ve made a mistake.
Perhaps you sense a troubling pattern in many of your relationships. Maybe relationships, somehow, seem not to work out for you. Maybe you feel they often end up making you unhappy. Or possibly you’re worried that the type of person you get involved with is not healthy for you … and you don’t want to keep repeating a negative cycle.