I can help you with difficult, upsetting or painful thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours. We will work confidentially and carefully. Therapy is a private, unbiased space for you to work things through with a trained professional. Together we will understand the causes of what is troubling you and change things at a deep level.

If you’d like to meet, we would have an initial consultation. This would be a time for you to see what it would be like for us to work together and a chance for me to understand what you would like help with.

People come to counselling or psychotherapy for many reasons. Maybe you are trying to deal with some of these difficulties:

  • Worry, anxiety and fear.
  • Loneliness and isolation, distance from others. Estrangement or conflicts with family or friends.
  • Depression, emptiness, or meaninglessness.
  • The effects of trauma.
  • Cut-off from feelings.

  • Shame, shyness, low self esteem, disliking yourself, sense of inadequacy or failure, sense of being a fraud or impostor.
  • Loss, separation, or bereavement.
  • Anger, resentfulness, destructive feelings and behaviours towards yourself or others.
  • Guilt or regrets.

  • Difficulties with sexuality.
  • Feeling only “half alive”, lack of motivation, lack of direction, indecision or procrastination.
  • Obsessional, hyperactive, impulsive or compulsive behaviours. Or other difficult behaviours.
  • ‘Self medication’ with food, alcohol or other substances.